Build-Your-Own Revolutionary Kit: Shampoo

shampoo bottlesBeing a revolutionary means having a revolutionary kit. You wouldn’t perform brain surgery without having the proper tools (unless you lived in South Carolina), and nor should you throw a revolution without the proper tools. Check back to this blog often for weekly tips on what item you should be adding to your kit.

This week’s item to add to your kit: shampoo. Whether you’re fighting in a bloody uprising against the government, or using technology in an attempt to change society over the span of a hundred years, you will get dirty. While you can’t avoid getting dirt under your fingernails, you can however avoid looking as if you’re homeless (unless you’re actually homeless).

Think shampoo isn’t for you? Just look at radical activist Abbie Hoffman – he died from being too filthy and not showering enough.*

*Actually, it was suicide. But whatever.

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