Revolutionaries You Should Avoid: Zo d’Axa

Zo_d'AxaZo d’Axa, a French revolutionary and anarchist who lived at the turn of the 20th century, was a descendant of French navigator La Péerouse and a bottle of red wine named Shireen. Zo, who went by the shorter name “Zo,” led a miserable childhood, as he was often picked last in dodgeball. Some claim this was due to strict alphabet guidelines in Paris during the 1870’s.

After an incident in which a suicide hotline operator told him to get off the phone, Zo turned to a life of debauchery and grumpiness. Despite being named one of the most prominent French anarchists of the 20th century, he developed a habit of defaulting on his loans, drinking in public, and being French.

Avoid him at all costs. Do not loan him money, do not become the mother of this children, and do not ask him whether he likes the French government (answer: no).

(Have you reserved your copy of Reservations for Fun and Profit yet?)


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