Build-Your-Own Revolutionary Kit: Bone China Plate Set from Pier 1

Bone-China_black-lace_allIf you’ve learned anything from reading my book (which isn’t possible yet… wait, my bad – I didn’t see your time machine in the corner), you’ve learned that overthrowing an oppressive regime isn’t all fun, games, and decapitations. Sometimes you have to take a break for dinner (usually best during the autumn months). Sometimes you’ll even have company over. What are you going to do, serve dinner on paper plates? You may be a ruthless, blood-thirsty revolutionary, but you’re not a barbarian.

Don’t forget to add a bone china plate set from Pier 1 to your build-your-own revolutionary kit! It may not be dishwasher safe, but it will (also not) stop a bullet! Feel free to have company over now… even at the most inopportune time – a beheading of an opponent, perhaps? – and you’ll be ready to serve in style.

Why bone china only from Pier 1, you ask? REASON ONE: Pier 1 is sponsoring this blog. REASON TWO: Best quality anywhere!

(Have you reserved your copy of Reservations for Fun and Profit yet?)


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