Revolutionaries You Should Avoid: Lyndon LaRouche

Lyndon_LaRoucheLet’s face it, the world needs another economist like it needs another cold sore. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped wild-eyed Lydon LaRouche from filling that cold sore-sized gap with his own brand of Orajel®-style economics. A perennial candidate for the President of the United States since the mid-1890’s (only a few years before his birth in 1922), LaRouche has run in presidential elections several times as a U.S. Labor Party candidate, a Democratic Party candidate, and once under the influence of tequila.

Although his supporters believe he is one of the greatest – and most revolutionary – economists that ever existed, his detractors – and everyone else alive on the planet and even planets we still haven’t discovered yet – believe he’s a dash of insane. As director and contributing editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, as well as co-founder of Old Man Crackpot Conspiracy Theory Monthly, LaRouche continues to lead a large organization of former Communists, fringe Labor Party members, and occasional liberal arts college students.

Avoid Lyndon LaRouche the same way you would avoid a cliche, or the plague. While the rumors that he’s a ‘fascist’ may be false, the rumors that quoting LaRouche will help you score with chicks are definitely not true.

(Have you ordered your copy of Revolutions for Fun and Profit yet?)


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