Revolutionary Participant in the ‘Cola Wars’ of the Week: Pepsi

cola_wars_300God and Satan. Light and dark. Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford. Every war requires both a good and evil counterbalance, and the Cola Wars are no different. Older than the original Cold War and twice as lethal, the Cola Wars took place between Pepsi and Coca-Cola during the span of four decades, and was responsible for the deaths of millions of Americans at its peak in the Eighties. Of the two deadly foes, Pepsi has long been regarded by historians as being more revolutionary.

Most people are familiar with the story of Coca-Cola’s creation: a nuclear family consisting of 3.75 family members sitting around a kitchen table, discussing the previous night’s episode of Leave it to Beaver, discovering Coca-Cola after accidentally combining optimism and sugar. Pepsi on the other hand, has a darker, more ‘alternative’ origination: a disgruntled atheist – who had formerly been a college student at Bob Jones University – found that when mixing the blood of infants, the mysterious poison bottles found under the sink, and caffeine, it would result in a delicious soda-tasting drink that could be advertised by people such as Beyonce.

What does this mean for you?

If Coca-Cola is the ‘everyman’s’ drink, then Pepsi is the ‘stick-it-to-the-man’ drink. Daredevils drink Pepsi, such as Steve McQueen and Al Gore. Revolutions have been won by those drinking Pepsi, such as the French Revolution in the 1790’s, and the Dance, Dance Revolution in the 1940’s. Those wanting to seek out the American Dream will drink Coca-Cola, continue quilting their quilt (or is it knitting a quilt? who knows, right?), and go to bed at 8:30.

Be a revolutionary. Drink Pepsi.*

*This blog post was sponsored by Coca-Cola.

(Have you ordered your copy of Revolutions for Fun and Profit yet?)


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