A Revolutionary Apology for In Utah This Week

apologyIt’s true. I’ve said some cruel things about In Utah This Week in the past, including:

  • They probably hate puppies.
  • They definitely started the holocaust.
  • They want to send your grandmother before a death panel.
  • Actually, they want to send your FAVORITE grandmother before a death panel.
  • They canceled your favorite show(s). Unless the show was Joey. In which case, good riddance.
  • Wait, was the question again?

Well, I take it all back. They have absolutely redeemed themselves, for not only writing about my upcoming book release partywhich is in 4 days – but for even featuring it on the front page of their website:

“Becoming a revolutionary isn’t easy. Most novice revolutionaries have many questions, such as “How does one become a revolutionary?” and “Is being a revolutionary tax deductible?” Fortunately, QSaltLake columnist Ryan Shattuck has written a book to help answer these questions.”

I’m sorry for those ugly things I’ve said about you, In Utah This Week. To show my deepest apologies, I promise to name my first born child after you. I think “In Utah This Week Shattuck” is an absolutely beautiful name.

Unless it’s a girl.

In which case, can I just show my appreciation by mailing you a check?


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