Revolutionary Book Release in the ‘City Weekly’

FriendsDo you read the Salt Lake City Weekly? You should – everybody’s doing it. Like… Carissa. And Emily. And Madison. And Ashley. And Tiffany. Who are Carissa and Emily and Madison and Ashley and Tiffany, you ask? I don’t exactly know, but I imagine they have a lot of bodacious and radical adventures together, in which they learn the true meaning of friendship. While traveling the pathway we call life, these best friends find a way to turn life’s adversities into an excuse to have a rip-roarin’ good time, and most importantly, they end up learning important lessons along the way.

Speaking of “bodacious” and “radical” and “you should buy my book,” here’s what the City Weekly wrote about my book release:

“Author and revolutionary Ryan Shattuck knows all about the tribulations standing in the way of revolutions the globe over. That, in short, is what propelled him to create Revolutions for Fun and Profit: The Proletariat’s Guide to Political Uprising, Citizen Revolutions and Personal Hygiene.

Written in three concise sections — including, “A History of Revolutions: Cowardice, Conmen and Complacency,” “Embrace the Hate: Learning to Love the Inner Revolutionary” and “The Brass Tacks of a Revolution: Because Somebody Broke the Stapler” — Shattuck helpfully dispels all the random myths keeping you from believing yourself a hardcore revolutionary. In turn, he creates a whole new set of myths that will quickly have you on your way to penning compelling manifestos and recruiting the necessary sheep to follow your uplifted staff—e.g., “Although historical revolutions have had their day in the sun, a shinier, newer model is always preferred … No one wants to flip a light switch when The Clapper is kind of a good substitute.”

There you have it – the City Weekly says you should go to my book release, which is in 2 days from today. Are YOU going? You should. After all, Carissa and Emily and Madison and Ashley and Tiffany are going to be there.

Whoever the hell they are.


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