This Revolutionary Blog is Too Meta For Your Understanding

One of my favorite comedians is Michael Ian Black. Please don’t tell him I said that, because he may/may not have a restraining order against me (he may).

In addition to being a GROUNDBREAKING comedian (literally – his father is a sledgehammer and his mother is Italian), Michael Ian Black is also an author. Like many comedian/author hybrids, he writes a personal blog. And like many other comedian/author/blogger hybrids, his writing is all over the place.

I don’t say this as a criticism of him, but say this because I empathize with him. Writing a blog just because you’ve written a book isn’t NECESSARY, and yet many authors end up doing just that because their PR people tell them to. Even my PR person suggested that I update my blog as often as possible, because it would be “a good idea” and “not a bad idea.”

What am I supposed to write about? I thought the whole reason why I wrote a book was so that I WOULDN’T have to write a blog. If I may quote the immortal words of Louis Pasteur’s wife, “Geez Louis!”

Except she probably said it in French.

There are a few obvious things that an author probably SHOULD blog about:

  • upcoming book signings
  • media coverage of the book
  • announcing a new paperback version
  • upcoming book burnings

But what does an author blog about after that? And how meta should the blog become?

Does writing a blog entry, where I rhetorically ask what I should blog about mean there is a parallel universe out there somewhere, where Marty McFly goes back to 1955 and kills his father, inevitably altering his destiny and causing him to later vanish from history due to the space-time continuum?

Yes, it does.

Also, remember that episode of ‘The Office’ where everyone in the office sat around the tv and watched an episode of ‘The Office?’ I think that was the episode where Michael said something embarrassing.

Sometimes I debate whether I want to continue my “Revolutions for Fun and Profit” blog or not. Self-promotion is SO MUCH WORK. I need to hire a butler to do it for me. Although to be honest, self-promotion is so simple, a monkey could do it. Or better yet, I should hire a monkey AND MAKE HIM WEAR A BUTLER SUIT.

But seriously, is it necessary that each and every author write a blog that accompanies his or her book?

After all, The Bible is the number one selling book of all time, AND NOT A SINGLE ONE of the authors of the Bible ever kept a blog.

Well, except for Jonah. And look what happened to him.

(Died in drive-by shooting)


One Response to “This Revolutionary Blog is Too Meta For Your Understanding”

  1. I resent that.

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