Support Your Local Revolutionary Artist Co-op

Richard PryorFellow revolutionaries,

Great news! No, seriously – this is probably the best news you’ve heard since you learned that Brewster’s Millions would be released on laserdisc.

If you like supporting local businesses in Salt Lake City… and you like buying many copies of my book Revolutions for Fun and Profit!… then you’ll love buying my book at its newest location: Salt Lake Citizen!

Salt Lake Citizen is a “local artist co-op,” featuring art and clothing made by Salt Lake City citizens, for Salt Lake City citizens. And other citizens. Even illegal ones.

Come by and visit them at their new location at Library Square! And then buy a copy of my book.

Salt Lake Citizen
Located at Library Square
210 East 400 South, Ste. #1
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
(801) 363-3619

Tell them Richard Pryor sent you. When they ask “who is that,” say “the guy from Brewster’s Millions.” When they reply “what’s Brewster’s Millions,” respond with “the best movie ever.” And then end the conversation.

Then take comfort in the fact that you, my friend, have won the battle of wits.


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