Sorry Everyone, the Guy Fawkes Party Is Canceled

OH NO!! I forgot Guy Fawkes Day last week! I have been doing a terrible job recently of remembering all the revolutionary holidays, like Guy Fawkes Day, Berlin Wall Falling Down Day, and Secretaries Day.

Sorry… I mean Administrative Professionals’ Day! I hope you don’t think I’m politically incorrect. (My dumb secretary was supposed to catch the mistake. Looks like no Secretaries Day for her next year.)

Natalie PortmanEvery year on Guy Fawkes Day, I invite all my revolution friends over for a night of drinks and games, such as “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and “Let’s Shave Natalie Portman’s Head.” I was hoping that this would be the year where we start a new tradition of robbing a bank while wearing Guy Fawkes and Richard Nixon masks.

Guess I’ll have to wait until next year.


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