Outwitted By the Non-Revolutionary ‘Life’ Magazine

Dammit! ONCE AGAIN, I’ve been outsmarted by Life magazine.

I’ve believed for a long time that the whole “revolutions are popular” trend in which society finds itself was started by none other than me. I naively believed that the whole world was awash in revolution-starting mania, and that I was directly responsible for this revolutionary-starting fever (it’s worse than the swine flu).

As it turns out, I WASN’T the first person to ever write about ‘revolutions.’ Life magazine has me beat… by 40 years!

40 years!!

To put that into perspective, that’s 12 years older than me, and 83 years younger than Larry King (he’s so old, his suspenders were used when they built the pyramids in Egypt! Hahahahaha!) (just kidding, that doesn’t make sense).

I was surfing the Internet™ the other day for Canadian hemorrhoidal cream (we are in a recession, after all), when I came across the following copy of Life magazine, dated October 10, 1969:

Life Magazine

What’s this? Life magazine wrote a story called A New Series: Revolution… 40 years before my book was released?! But WHERE’S THE FUN?! And WHERE’S THE PROFIT?!

Touché, Life magazine. Touché.

You may have won the battle, Life magazine, but you haven’t won the war. And if you DO win the war as well? Then I challenge you to a costume contest.


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