Et Tu, Che Guevara?

Fellow revolutionaries:

As you already know, I have a long-standing feud with The Onion, for rejecting not one, not two, not four, but THREE of my applications to write for them. Nevertheless, I take comfort in knowing that although The Onion is supposedly “America’s Finest News Source,” my book Revolutions for Fun and Profit! is “America’s Finest Source on Revolutions.™” (I don’t actually know if that phrase that is trademarked, but I put a little ™ after it, so the issue is settled)

So imagine my horror when I learned that Che Guevara, of all people, posed for a picture by The Onion of himself wearing himself, which they now sell on t-shirts, on t-shirts.

Is nothing holy?! Aside from Vatican City, or swiss cheese? (rimshot) You are dead to me, Che Guevara.

You’ve been legally dead to everyone else since 1967.


One Response to “Et Tu, Che Guevara?”

  1. Che is dead to me, too. What about the revolution, man? Sellout!

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