Update on Yesterday’s Revolutionary Photo Shoot

Fellow revolutionaries:

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I had a MYSTERIOUS photo shoot yesterday for a publication-that-shall-not-be-named (In Utah This Week). I haven’t received the pictures yet, but here’s a sneak preview at how I dressed for the photo shoot. As you can see, I decided to just dress casually, as I might on any regular day of the week:

Blingee Fabio

I know. I know. I’ve gained little bit of weight. Maybe it’s all that sparkling Jack Daniels I’ve been drinking.

Although the photo shoot went okay, what I was not anticipating was being interviewed for tv. They ambushed me! As I specifically mentioned in Chapter 7 of my book, Revolutions for Fun and Profit:

“Revolutionaries do not want people to keep records about them . . . Having fame and fortune may come with its challenges, but none more so than living under the watchful eye of the press and paparazzi. Once you become a famous revolutionary, everyone will want to know who you’re dating, or what the next project you’re working on is, or what are you in rehab for this time, or why you haven’t adopted a baby from Africa like everyone else. And you don’t need that kind of pressure.”

And I don’t need that kind of pressure.

So fellow revolutionaries, don’t keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming tv appearance. I know you’re disappointed, but as a revolutionary, I am not allowed to tell you.


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