“Revolutions for Fun and Profit!” Added to Hash Dictionary

Fellow revolutionaries:

One of the most reliable online resources we have in our country nay, the world nay, the universe nay, the country, is Wikipedia: the Online Encyclopedia of Everything. If it doesn’t exist on Wikipedia, then it doesn’t exist™. Unless you want to open an account and make it exist™.

But do you know what the second most reliable online resource is in our country? None other than Hash Dictionary: A Dictionary for Twitter.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter and live in 1837 (haha, cause you’re old!), I will explain what a “hash” is, more commonly known as “hash tags” or “hash marks” or “hash browns.” They are a word or word(s) added to the end of a tweet and… screw it. It’s too confusing to explain it. Just look it up yourself. Be an adult and take responsibility for once in your life.


In any case, I am proud to announce that my book, Revolutions for Fun and Profit! has officially received its own hash tag on Twitter, and its own entry in Hash Dictionary! From here on out, any tweets referring to Revolutions for Fun and Profit! shall use the official® hash tag: #RFFAP.

According to the entry for RFFAP on Hash Dictionary:

Associated with the 2009 book “Revolutions for Fun and Profit” by Ryan Shattuck (@ryanmer).

The book is a satirical guidebook to aspiring revolutionaries, including tips, fun facts, and everything one needs to know in order to start their own revolution.

It is also the single greatest achievement of Ryan Shattuck to date, including but not limited to the Regal Seagull, his career as a stand-up comedian, and that time he said he liked to read by candlelight so that when he was done he could just blow out the light and wouldn’t have to get up to flip the switch.

The hashtag #RFFAP is used to refer to the book, as well as to Ryan Shattuck himself, anything deemed “revolutionary”, witticisms, reality television, the crisis in Darfur, and hipsters.

Pretty accurate, if you ask me.


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