Thank You for the Honor, But There Is No Such Thing as a “Sexy” Revolutionary

Fellow revolutionaries:

Well, it’s official. I am apparently the sexiest person in all of Salt Lake City for the entire week. I know! It doesn’t make sense to me either. The whole situation smells like voter fraud, if you ask me.

Here are my pictures from last week’s photo shoot with In Utah This Week, which currently appear on their website under the misleading headline, “Sexy in SLC: Ryan Shattuck.”


To be honest, I’m not entirely sure how I was chosen, but I sincerely doubt that democracy played any part of it. Choosing ME as the “Sexy in SLC?!” Oh please. That’s about as likely as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad winning a presidential reelection (rim shot). In fact, I’m planning on turning my Twitter avatar green, in protest.

That’s what a real revolutionary would do.


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