A Very Revolutionary Twitter Account

Fellow revolutionaries:

Many words have been used to describe me in the past: “underachiever,” “lazy,” “good for nothing,” “once ran over an elderly lady with his car,” “really lazy.” However, one word that will never be used to describe me is “unhip.” I may not be many things, but to call me “unhip” is like calling the Pope “jewish,” or saying that someone is something untrue. In fact, it’s been said of me that I’m so hip that I put the “hip” in “hip hipster.”

Why am I hip? Because I am on Twitter. And as everyone knows, only hip people are on Twitter. Now sure, you may argue that 30 billion other people are also on Twitter, so it can’t be all that hip or cool. But do you know who isn’t on Twitter? My mother.

Check. And mate.

Although I’ve had a personal account on Twitter for over 2 years and 6,000 tweets, I’ve never really had a Twitter account for my book, Revolutions for Fun and Profit! UNTIL NOW.

Announcing the official Twitter account for my book:


My reasoning behind setting up a separate Twitter account for my book is simple: so that I won’t have to use my personal Twitter account to ‘tweet’ about my book, while spamming the hell out of this @rffap Twitter account. People/idiots have complained that I write too much about my book on my personal Twitter account, so all of that will now be shared on @rffap. So if you want to receive daily updates on…

  • Revolutionary fun facts!
  • Revolutionary book signings!
  • Revolutionary days in history!
  • Revolutionary embarrassing pictures of people with food stuck in their beards!

…then start following @rffap TODAY. Or, TOMORROW.


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