Happy Revolutionary New Year’s!

Fellow revolutionaries:

Happy new year! Are you excited for all that the year 2010 has to offer? Have you made your new year’s resolutions? Do you plan on having the most successful year ever? Do you think ham and spinach hot pockets make a convenient aphrodisiac?

Well, you’re right. This undoubtedly promises to be the best year since the year 47 (although 1396, 1512, and 8 were pretty good years, according to a Reuters poll)!

I’m especially excited for 2010, because I plan on more revolutionary book signings, more revolutionary book giveaways, and perhaps even a revolutionary book tour (sponsored by Boniva®)!

So let’s hold hands, close our eyes, and make a communal wish for this to be the best, revolutionary year ever!

And then, after coming down with the swine flu, let’s all agree to never hold hands, ever again.


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