The Winners of the Revolutionary Book Giveaway!

Fellow revolutionaries:

I’ve been meaning to announce the winners of “The 12 Revolutionary Days (+4 Extra Days) of Christmas Book Giveaway, Sponsored by” for the past two weeks, but I’ve been rather tied up recently with things like “Christmas” and “New Year’s” and “goat sacrifices in honor of the winter solstice pagan god.”

Hahahahaha! I’m obviously kidding – I don’t actually celebrate New Year’s.

I also had a small issue with the 3 winners chosen by Goodreads because as it turns out, I am dating one of the winners they chose. This is true. However, let me be perfectly clear: I had no say in choosing the winners, and the fact that Goodreads happened to choose someone I’m dating is purely a coincidence. My ethics may be shaky – I killed 17 people while writing this blog post – but one thing I don’t do is cheat. Especially if I won’t be benefited by the cheating. If I cheated at my own book giveaway, wouldn’t I have chosen myself as the winner? Of course I would. I’m not an idiot (unverified).

That having been said, I don’t want to show favoritism and therefore had Goodreads choose another random winner. So, it is with great(ish) pride that I give a very revolutionary congratulations to the following winners (none of whom I’m dating):

Sean Walker of Oswego, IL

Becca Kitamura of San Luis Obispo, CA

Vis Subramanian of Bridgewater, NJ

Congratulations to all three of you! You will receive a free copy of Revolutions for Fun and Profit! in the mail in the next few weeks. And if any of you are single… let me know.


One Response to “The Winners of the Revolutionary Book Giveaway!”

  1. I found your blog because you commented on mine earlier today…. Who are you? You’re fucking hilarious. I like your writing a lot.

    Reveal yourself.

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