Slug Magazine Reviews “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!”

Fellow revolutionaries:

Here it is, in all its glory. The first mediocre book review of Revolutions for Fun and Profit!

Sir Jemie Sprankle, esq. of the highly esteemed publication Slug Magazine, wrote the following beautiful words about my book. His book review truly does read like a piece of literature. Nay, a piece of art. Now sure, Ken Sanderswho probably knows more about books than anyone else in the state of Utah – may have liked my book so much that he recommended it for KUER’s 2009 Holiday Book Show, but his opinion pales in comparision to the book knowledge of Sir Jemie Sprankle, esq.

Here is the review:

“What reads like a joke ultimately is one. From the first turn of the page it’s clear that this is the point of Revolutions. Each chapter looks like textbook gone wrong––complete with drawings, charts and even neat tables. Funny one-liners, like famous quotes by Thomas Jefferson mixed with Poison lyrics, are sprinkled throughout the reading. At times they do a nice job of getting a laugh, but ultimately a better job of taking the reader out of the moment. A lot of the facts I would find interesting are fouled up when they get paired with a joke lamer than something your history teacher would have said. It may just be me, but a book with section reviews, quizzes and little games in it is a workbook. And workbooks, unless paired with a juice box and some Nilla Wafers, are no fun.”  –Jemie Sprankle

While I’m busy contacting the Pulitizer Prize committee to get Jemie’s name into the basket of nominees, you can leave a comment on this page.

That’s right. You can leave comments on this page. You know what to do, revolutionaries.


One Response to “Slug Magazine Reviews “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!””

  1. It sounds like a fun and crazy read. Best of luck with your book. And thanks for your visit to my blog. :) Your comment made me laugh.

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