A Revolutionary Thank You to The King’s English Bookshop

Fellow revolutionaries:

I originally wanted to post my “thank you” to The King’s English Bookshop yesterday, but I thought it was more important that I posted about Haiti, so that people would know how they might help. I may have my priorities backwards (fact: I put on my shoes before my socks), but even I know how important it is to get the information out there about helping the people of Haiti.

For what it’s worth, a number of you have already clicked on the links I provided yesterday about helping Haiti (Red Cross, Yele, etc.), and that makes me feel good. Because as we know, it’s all about making me feel good.

The Local Author Showcase at The King’s English Bookshop

The book signing and reading at The King’s English Bookshop this past Tuesday went great and was well attended, and I especially want to thank all of you who stopped by. I sold nearly all of the books that I brought, and I am also proud to say that not a single person was arrested or irreperably harmed in anyway. It was also very interesting to meet to meet other local authors, because it made me realize “wow, you are a much better writer than I am” or “wow, I am a much better writer than you are.” That may sound rude of me to say, but nowhere in my book Revolutions for Fun and Profit! do I claim that revolutionaries have tact.

I really want to thank The King’s English Bookshop for hosting the event, and for being so supportive of local authors. If you live in Salt Lake City, I strongly suggest that you stop by their bookstore at least once a month or once a week or once a day. But don’t stop by more than once a day, because then they would have to file a restraining order against you, and that requires a lot of paperwork.

I don’t know yet when the next revolutionary book signing event will be, but I’ll be sure to post it here.


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