Over 100 Revolutionary Fans Can’t Be Wrong

Fellow revolutionaries:

Congratulations, we did it! There are now over 100 fans of Revolutions for Fun and Profit! on Facebook! I really couldn’t have done it without you. Actually, I technically could have done it without you, but that would have involved a number of illegal methods and, frankly, I’m too pretty to go to jail. Again. (You know how I’ve always said that the big scar down the middle of my face – disfiguring me in ways that border on the mythical – is from a lawnmower accident? Sorry, that was a lie. I received it in jail from a guy named “Tiny Mike.” The ironic part about his name is that this 6’5” man wasn’t actually named Mike. His name was Jerry.)

I’m excited to have this many fans on Facebook, because then I’m one step closer to having my own cult. And I’m excited to have a cult, because then I’m one step closer to starting my own revolution. And I’m excited to start a revolution, because… well… I don’t know what happens after that. I clearly haven’t read Revolutions for Fun and Profit! yet. I hope the author releases it on tape. I’m not a big reader.

If you haven’t joined the Facebook fan page for Revolutions for Fun and Profit!, what are you waiting for? Even Gary Coleman had this to say about my Facebook fan page:

I’ve been arrested so many times, that I need only one more punch on my punch card to receive a free Subway sandwich!

Thanks, Gary!


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