Would You Read “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!” on an Electronic Thing?

For those of you who live under a rock and don’t follow the news (which, in my opinion, is a terrible excuse as most rocks these days are equipped with wi-fi), Apple released it’s newest product yesterday: the iPad. Unfortunately, the Internet pointed all too quickly that the iPad sounds just like a feminine hygiene product, with jokes coming out of all sorts of holes and crannies. Is the Internet really that immature? It’s that time of the month when the flow of iPad jokes needs to come to a complete stop. Period. Or as the British would say, “there is nothing bloody funny about the iPad.”

He he he… I never leave home without my iTampon.

Suffice to say, the iPad is a revolutionary product. And Revolutions for Fun and Profit! is a revolutionary book (according to 4 out of 5 dentists). Doesn’t the idea of combining the two sound like a revolutionary match made in revolutionary heaven? Well maybe not revolutionary heaven, but regular heaven? Of course it does.

I want to know:

Would you read “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!” on an electronic thing?


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