Here’s a Picture of a Revolutionary Walrus, For Some Reason

I’m having a bad day. I’m dealing with a minor personal crisis at the moment, and am too stressed today to write anything revolutionary.

So instead of my daily revolutionary blog post, you get a picture of a walrus in a bikini, hugging a car:


4 Responses to “Here’s a Picture of a Revolutionary Walrus, For Some Reason”

  1. Hi, this picture is phenomenal, but my friends and I are having a heated debate about whether the walrus is real or not. Could you help us out? Or at least tell us where you got the wicked photo? Thanks a lot!

  2. Ryan Shattuck Says:


    This walrus is very real indeed. I know this because I shared a taxi with her (among other things) after the car show. She told me that she only modeled at car shows to pay for college, and that her real dream was to be on Broadway someday.

    Several years later, she played Edna Turnblad in a revival of “Hairspray,” but after receiving terrible reviews she went home and hung herself.

    So yes, the walrus is real. Sadly, I never learned her name, although she was a tender lover.

  3. that is not a real walrus!!!!!

  4. I showed this to my teacher and she fainted!!!!!!!!! Ha,Ha!!!! Then she laughed so hard she fell out of the chair!

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