Revolutionary Question and Answers!

I cover a lot of information in my book, Revolutions for Fun and Profit! However, in the time that has passed since the book was published, a lot of revolutionaries have contacted me with questions that the book never addressed. From time to time I like to answer all your burning questions (have you considered putting a cream on your question?), as I realize that my book – despite being encyclopedic – isn’t perfect (unproven).

“Are there any bald revolutionaries?”


“What is the most revolutionary television show of all time?”

My Mother the Car, for obvious reasons.

“Do revolutionaries believe in god?”

That entirely depends on the revolutionary’s Chinese zodiac sign. If it’s a rooster, dragon, or chicken, then they do believe in god. If it’s a pig, a horse or a rat, then they do not. If it’s a peacock, then they are prone to have a passive-aggressive personality with bursts of grandiose paranoia. If it’s a dog, then it’s likely to lick its own weiner. If it’s a girl scout, then it’s likely to sell you deliciously addictive cookies at an overinflated market price. I forgot what the question was, but yes – onions sometimes make me cry.

“Do most revolutionaries prefer sausage or bacon?”

Actually, neither one. Most revolutionaries are vegetarian, with the exception of those who eat meat.

Just kidding. They love both. In fact, its was Mahatma Gandhi who came up with the idea of the sausage bacon turkey sandwich. It goes great with a diet Coke.

“Why are some Zelda games harder than others?”

I know, right?

“Where do babies come from?”

Only once, while in college.

I mean Taiwan. They come from Taiwan.

“Are you working on a second book?”

What do I look like, Stephen King?

“Is is true that Napoleon Bonaparte never actually died, but instead discovered the secret of immortality?”

Ask him yourself. He’s a manager at Hooters in Carlsbad, California

If you have a question you would like to ask about revolutions, life, or relationships, email me at


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