The City Weekly Gives a Glowing Review to “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!”

Hip hip hurray!! Yahoo!! I’m so excited, I could jump for joy!! Unless in I’m in a room with a low ceiling. In which case, I’ll calmly have a seat on the couch.

Austen Diamond of the Salt Lake City Weekly wrote an absolutely glowing review about my book this week, and it is, hands down, one of the most positive things I’ve ever read. I feel very good about myself right now. Seriously… it feels like Christmas in July, but in February!

What does this positive, glowing review say about my book? You’re about to see for yourself! Unfortunately, Austen Diamond’s review is rather long, so I had to edit it a little for length. If you’re interested in reading it in its entirety, simply follow this link.

The City Weekly’s Review of Revolutions for Fun and Profit!

“Revolutions for fun and Profit … is perfect … which, politely, means a … joke is … enjoyable.” “Writer Kristen Hintz … said … this is … like … The Onion and don’t walk away disappointed.” “Shattuck isn’t … over-the-top … or… a quirky university political science professor … but informs.” “I … should start a revolution … fall in love … if you’re happy with the status quo, technology, religion, politics and … fun … throughout the book.”

“The first section … with … facts about various revolutions and revolutionaries. The second … begins the quest of starting one’s own revolution. The highlight of the section, “Family Tree of Revolutions” … is … eventually … the Unemployment Revolution … or Killer Robot Revolution.” “The final section … is the funniest and most engaging. You learn that fat camps are great for recruiting … stay away from used-car lots.”

“Shattuck relates … mixing-and-matching … with … “We’re here, we’re … in you’re mouth, and not in … the bourgeois republic.” “Interspersed throughout the text are … laughs, so … an assortment of … “Bitch Tits” … or … Trojan brand condoms. At the book’s beginning, there’s a warning that it might be offensive.”

“Shattuck’s quips are laughout-loud … and … a laugh … ending most paragraphs.” “After reading once through, it’s even enjoyable to flip to a random chapter … and read a couple of paragraphs.”

“It’s … good for digestion … at the library.”

Thanks Austen, for the great review!


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