Operation: Get John Hodgman to Write Something for “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!”

This is John Hodgman.

He’s written this book.

He’s also written this book.

He hasn’t written this book.

But he has starred in these commercials.

And he’s appeared on this show.

But do you know what he’s never done?


I’ve long been inspired by John Hodgman’s approach to history and facts and other things (i.e. molemen; hobos). Considering that I plan on releasing a new revision of Revolutions for Fun and Profit! sometime this year – complete with more facts and less misspellings! – I thought it only appropriate that I ask the history professional of all history professionals… the raconteur of all raconteurs… the fabricator of all fabricators… to write the foreword to the new revision of my book.

For the record, it doesn’t have to be the foreword. I would also settle for a quote on the back cover, or maybe a 2-for-1 coupon to Chili’s. Signed, of course.

Now I must admit that I’ve never actually met John Hodgman, and I’m also somewhat fairly very absolutely confident that he’s never read my book. I also have no idea how to contact him and am not even sure what state he lives in or if he’s even still alive.

New Jersey? And yes?

One thing I do have: HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT. So if you would like to join me in Operation: Get John Hodgman to Write Something for “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!” (I believe the name of the operation is self-explanatory, yes?), then simply contact him on Twitter and say the following:

Mr. @Hodgman, would you be interested in writing a foreword or a quote for Revolutions for Fun and Profit? http://tinyurl.com/qjspfv Thanks.

I believe that together – with the support of the dozens oftens of… both readers who read this blog – we can do this. And if this does work, I promise to share my 2-for-1 coupon to Chili’s with you.


One Response to “Operation: Get John Hodgman to Write Something for “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!””

  1. Well, I would but I haven’t tweeted in 240 days and I just can’t bear to break that streak. I mean, 240 days is impressive.

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