This Is Revolutionary Follow Friday

Fellow revolutionaries:

If you are on Twitter, then you are familiar with “Follow Friday,” where users collect the addresses of celebrities on Twitter, go to their homes, and watch them in their bathroom through binoculars.

It’s a fun Friday tradition. Although not as fun as allergy shots. Now that’s a way to spend a Friday afternoon.

In the spirit of Follow Friday, I’d like to suggest that everyone follow the Twitter account for Revolutions for Fun and Profit!, which is @rffap. In return for following @rffap, I will be sure to follow you back. As of this writing, @rffap only has 73 followers, and I need at least 3,208,456 more followers if I’m going to catch up to @Oprah.

Do it for the children. If you don’t have any children (or have been ordered by the courts to keep 500 feet away from elementary schools at all times), then do it for America. If you don’t live in America, then do it for this yawning puppy.

If you don’t know this yawning puppy, then allow me to introduce you to him. His name is Gary and he’s had a long day working in the coal mines. He also didn’t get much sleep last night because he and his wife recently had a baby. He tries his hardest to put on a stoic face, but sometimes his biology gets the best of him, which explains his unflattering yawn.

Shame on you, for judging this poor, overworked, underslept, puppy. This is how your cruelty makes Oprah feel:

Although she may also be crying because somebody’s watching her through her window.


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