Make “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!” the Best Book in Utah for 2010

Fellow revolutionaries:

Every year, the Salt Lake City Weekly holds its annual “Best of Utah” awards. This is a really prestigious award – more so than In Utah This Week’s “The Sexiest of the Sexies in Salt Lake City in 2010” awards – and those who receive the award are automatically catapulted into the pantheons of American excellence. To take a seat at the metaphorical banquet table – seated among other such “Best of Utah” award winners as Mountainview Mushrooms for “Best Mile-High Fungi”, The Woodshed for “Best Cowboy Thursdays”, and Kahuna Creation’s Big Stick for “Best Extreme Innovation” – would truly be the honor of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, my book Revolutions for Fun and Profit! doesn’t qualify for “Best Mile-High Fungi” or “Best Cowboy Thursdays.” Trust me, I’ve asked. But it DOES quality for the write-in vote!

And I need your help!

1.) Go to the Salt Lake City Weekly’s “Best of Utah” awards page. Please.

2.) Click on the license plate (that’s what she said!)

3.) You’ll have to register your email address. What’s that you say, you don’t have an email address? Well guess what: that’s really weird.

4.) Click where it says “Best of Utah Readers’ Ballot 2010.” You don’t have to, but what else are you going to do – see Avatar for the seventh time?

5.) You must fill out at least 10 blanks. If you don’t, then the City Weekly won’t verify your ballot. And if you’re like me – and have low self-esteem – then you desperately need verification.

6.) This last step is important: where it says “Best Your Choice (anything we left off that you love)” you will enter “Best Book: Revolutions for Fun and Profit!”

That’s all you have to do! If you don’t do this, I will go to your house and kill you (unless you’re unlisted in the phone book).

Thank you very much, fellow revolutionaries! With your help – and my knowledge of blackmail – we can help Revolutions for Fun and Profit! become the Best Book in Utah for 2010!

Unless Mountainview Mushrooms writes a book. Then I’ll be screwed.


One Response to “Make “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!” the Best Book in Utah for 2010”

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