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The Very Revolutionary Ending to a Revolutionary Blog

Posted in Uncategorized on September 29, 2010 by Ryan Shattuck

Fellow revolutionaries:

Yesterday I wrote that I am retiring this blog. I am taking this blog out to pasture, shooting it in the face, and putting it out of its misery. Revolutions for Fun and Profit! will celebrate its 1-year anniversary in October, and I have accomplished everything I wanted to do with both the book and the website.

I also wrote yesterday that I planned a surprise for all the revolutionaries out there, as my way of showing gratitude to the tremendous support I’ve received during the past year.


Surprise #1: Revolutions for Fun and Profit! is now available to download to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad from Apple’s iBookstore.

Surprise #2: Revolutions for Fun and Profit! is totally and completely free.

Have you been waiting to buy Revolutions for Fun and Profit! because you’re a cheapskate and don’t like supporting independent local writers? I feel the exact same way. Well good news: you can now read the book that nobody is talking about… on your electronic device for free!

Unfortunately, Apple does not provide hyperlinks to individual books in its iBookstore, so you’ll have to follow these instructions to download your free book:

Step #1: Launch the iBookstore app from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Step #2: Once inside the iBookstore, press “search”

Step #3: Do a search for “revolutions for fun and profit.”

Step #4: Press “free” to begin downloading the book.

Step #5: Read the book over and over until you cry. (It won’t take long)


I submitted a perfectly formatted ebook to Apple, and for some reason, their dumb bookstore ‘broke’ the code and changed some of my formatting. I would like you to read a perfectly formatted ebook of Revolutions of Fun and Profit!, as nature intended.

If you would own a perfectly formatted book, simply click the Smashwords logo below to download the free .epub version of Revolutions for Fun and Profit!
You simply drag the .epub book (courtesy of into iTunes to read it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It’s quite easy.


Revolutions for Fun and Profit! is also available for the Nook, as a free download as well. You can download the book on Nook by visiting this link. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Nook, so I haven’t the vaguest idea how that works.

Revolutions for Fun and Profit! still is NOT available for the Kindle, because Amazon takes like a billion years to approve ebooks, and they also hate America.


If you have any questions about downloading your free copy of Revolutions for Fun and Profit!, do not hesitate to email me at I promise to respond to your email in a timely manner and/or ignore it completely.


If enough people download Revolutions for Fun and Profit! from Apple’s iBookstore, then we may be able to knock that pretentious Winnie-the-Pooh off his pretentious perch at the top of the “Top Free” list. He’s been sitting pretty for long enough.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for your support, and for joining me on this year long, revolutionary experiment. Writing and publishing Revolutions for Fun and Profit! was a tremendous adventure, and the support I received from friends, family, and strangers across the internet was overwhelmingly wonderful.

You’re the best revolutionaries a boy could ask for.

Revolutionarily yours,


A Very Revolutionary Surprise

Posted in Revolutionary Retirement, Revolutionary Surprise on September 28, 2010 by Ryan Shattuck

Fellow revolutionaries:

It’s been about six months since I last updated this blog. I would apologize for giving up on this blog, if it weren’t for the fact that Rule #327 of Revolutions for Fun and Profit! clearly states that “Revolutionaries never apologize.” Sorry, but I don’t make the revolutionary rules.

Actually, I do make the revolutionary rules. I even wrote a book about the revolutionary rules. But that’s besides the point.

In a few weeks will be the 1-year anniversary of the release of my book, Revolutions for Fun and Profit!. It’s been a wild, revolutionary ride, and I have many several dozen both fans to thank for the overwhelming success I’ve experienced.

So to thank everyone for purchasing and supporting Revolutions for Fun and Profit!, tomorrow I will be announcing a very big revolutionary surprise. It’s my little way of showing my gratitude for all the support over the past year.

I’m also announcing that I plan on retiring this blog. I will leave this website open and active, but I’m going to cease updating this blog (something I already started doing in… um… March). I figure that everyone already has the tools required to start a revolution, and thus my advice is no longer required.

So check back tomorrow to learn what the big surprise is. I guarantee you’ll like it.*

*No I don’t.