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A Pit Bull? The Last Day to Nominate “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!”

Posted in Revolutionary Best of Utah, Revolutionary City Weekly, Revolutionary Divorce, Revolutionary Mid-Life Crisis, Revolutionary Pit Bull on March 15, 2010 by Ryan Shattuck

Uh oh! It’s a pit bull dressed as a lonely middle-aged man sitting in a park, watching his life waste away before his eyes! You know what that means!

It means that it’s the last day to nominate Revolutions for Fun and Profit! for the 2010 Best Book of Utah! Please follow these instructions, because I’m getting really tired of repeating myself:

  • When you get to the part that says Best Your Choice (anything we left off that you love), you will write in Best Book: “Revolutions for Fun and Profit!”.

The pit bull’s name, by the way, is Howard. Please don’t bother him. He’s going through a messy divorce at the moment.